Mr. and Mrs. Smith receiving thanks for being 2018 NITOC Directors.

Students may compete in Stoa tournaments without belonging to a local club.  There are many benefits to being a part of a local club.  Here are a few benefits from belonging to Veritas:

  • Participation in the yearly Veritas speech and debate camp.  Approximately 30 hours of teaching and hands-on activities help to prepare both novice and returning speakers and debaters.  Camp is a required for all new speech and debate families and highly suggested for returning students.  Camp registration is included in the yearly Veritas fee.
  • Quality coaching from seasoned adults.  Veritas seeks to develop communication skills through teaching as well as feedback on speeches.
  • Community of like-minded believers – Students will not only grow in their communication skills but will also grow their faith and character within a strong community.  Our students develop strong friendships that follow them even after high school graduation.

    2019 Pt Loma Classic – Expository Speech
  • Academic excellence – the skills that students learn through speech and debate will also translate into the rest of their academic endeavors.   They will learn and practice active listening, asking questions, graciously giving and receiving criticism.  Throughout their lives, students will need to speak and articulate their ideas and opinions to others.  This will prepare them to do it more effectively, efficiently and winsomely.

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