Our club’s purpose is to teach, train and build up the speaking skills of our Christian young men and women in order to honor and profess Christ and His Kingdom. This purpose is achieved by participating in competitive speech and debate through the Stoa Speech and Debate League. Our club meetings prepare our members to compete in Stoa tournaments and it is required for our members.  In addition, Veritas requires each student to compete in at least three Stoa qualifying tournaments.  Families may register with Stoa at Stoa Membership Registration.

Stoa eligibility requirements are listed below. These requirements may change and can be found at Stoa eligibility link.


Age – Competitors shall be ages 12 to 18 on October 1 of the competition year.   

Statement of Faith – The parent member(s) must agree with the Stoa Statement of Faith.

Home Educated – If the following statements can be affirmed with a yes the student shall be deemed privately home educated for Stoa purposes.

Parent or legal guardian(s) direct the educational choices for the student, including the use of dual credit, online/ offline courses, cooperative courses, private tutored courses, and other parent directed methods that support the student’s educational plan; and

Poring over ballots

Parent is the authority to award the Stoa competitor junior high or high school credits and grades; and

Under the laws of your state, if your state defines home schooling, the student is classified as legally “homeschooled”; and

Student is not enrolled full-time in a public charter school or public school independent study program; and

Parent or legal guardian(s) are not the direct recipient of public funds (whether local, state, or federal) whose purpose is to cover the student’s education-related expenses.


Stoa student is classified as actively homeschooling as a junior high or high school student, and

1) not previously graduated,

2) nor in a full-time college-level degree program.

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