Parents must serve in the following roles:
Samantha (2017-2018) with some of the moms that helped her with her Interp speeches so she could earn the Founders Award. From left to right: Mrs. Young, Mrs. Mangum, Mrs. McFarland, Mrs. Marreiros and Mrs. Salanga.

Parent Coach – They will serve as a parent coach/judge during that portion of club meetings in which they have a student participating – speech, debate or both. Veritas will help equip you for this role so please do not be intimidated.  All parents have valuable feedback to give to the students.

  • Meals for coaches  – Each family should sign up on Sign-up Genie to provide a meal 1-2 times a semester for Coach Garcia. Those who don’t volunteer may be assigned dates. We request that speech families, as well as debate families, help with this.
  • Facility clean-up – Debate families should volunteer on Sign-up Genie to help straighten the facility at the end of debate. Two families are needed each evening as one family may see something the other family misses. 

Tournament Volunteer – They will serve at each tournament hosted by our club in a capacity that will be coordinated with them by the tournament director. Tournaments are very exciting for the students but do take many volunteers to ensure a successful event.  We so appreciate and need your help.

At Home Assistance – Parents are expected to work with their student(s) at home on their speech & debate preparations and assignments. This is very important to help your child succeed, especially for novices.

2020 Concordia Challenge

Student Conduct Issues – In the unlikely event that the Student Code of Conduct is violated, parents agree to work with their student(s), the Veritas coaches and/or the Veritas Board of Directors to rectify the situation so that their student can remain in good standing with the club. If the situation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the Veritas Board of Directors, in their sole discretion, the student’s club membership will be terminated and the parent(s) will hold the Veritas Board of Directors harmless in that event. In the event that a student’s club membership is terminated, there will be no refund of club fees paid.  

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